Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics specializes in Orthopedics including Dentistry. We serve clients from Minneapolis to Chicago providing TPLO technology using locking head plates for correction of cruciate ligament ruptures for over 34 years. We perform complimentary Dental exams by appointment and identify hundreds of painful emergencies for our clientele. Wellness services, vaccines, heartworm tests are available through our trained technicians by appointment. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service, treating every pet as if it was our own.

For Appointment: (608) 526-2200
For Orthopedics/xray submission: kneesurgery99@gmail.com or (608) 526-2200


An Alaskan transplant that has twenty years’ experience working with animals large and small. She is a certified Humane Officer and Rabies trained. She has rehabilitated wildlife from Alaskan predators, bobcats, seals, and plenty of raptors down to the tiny Wisconsin opossums’ orphans.

Ellie is owned by two large dogs, and a pigeon that she rehabilitated and released two years ago. The pigeon ‘Buddy ‘although released with two siblings into the wild has decided E/lie is the bee’s knees. Buddy has moved twice; following Ellie wherever she goes.


Is a fourth-year undergraduate student at UW La Crosse. She is studying to become a Veterinarian and is originally from North Carolina and recently moved to Green Bay. In her free time Lauren enjoys playing sports, outdoors and making friends. Laurens perfect day would be a weekend by the lake with her family.


Max is one of our mascots here at Van Loon Animal Hospital. Max is a Long-haired brown tiger cat. You can find him lounging around the yard or sprawled out on the counter silently judging everyone.


Jackson is Dr. Hein’s Loyal steed. He can be found carrying a dog bowl begging you to put treats inside of it. He is very food motivated but so is the rest of the staff.

Dr. Mark Hein and Mrs. Anne-Marie


Sara is a fourth-year undergraduate student at UW La Crosse and is studying biology. In her free time, Sara enjoys spending time with her cat Cuba, going on hikes and all winter sports.