The Best Way to Repair Luxating Patella in Dogs

A luxating patella in dogs can be quite painful for your pup. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix for a qualified orthopedic specialist, which is what you will find at Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics in Holmen, Wisconsin.

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What Is a Luxating Patella in Dogs?

In dogs, the kneecap, or patella, is designed to fit within a specific groove just about the knee. When the kneecap moves out of its ordinary position in dogs, it can make it difficult for your dog to extend its knee or put any type of weight on the affected leg.

You’ll usually notice a problem such as a skip in your pet’s step. Your dog may even move around on three legs rather than using all four. In most cases, when the patella moves out of position, a condition referred to as a luxating patella, the dog will snap it back into position within a few steps. No other assistance is needed from the owner and veterinarian care is not required.

However, there are many occasions in which the kneecap does not return to its normal position on its own. When that is the case, owners may attempt to gently rotate the kneecap back into its usual position. This is not the best course of action though, and may cause more harm than good in the grand scheme of things.

When Is Surgery Necessary to Repair Luxating Patella in Dogs?

Because an untreated luxating patella can become a mobility issue for dogs, it is critical for dog owners to take the condition seriously when it doesn’t resolve itself within a matter of minutes.

The best course of treatment to repair luxating patella is usually surgery. This is especially the case for dogs that have difficulty self-correcting the condition as well as for dogs in which the condition frequently occurs.

How Does Surgery Help to Repair a Luxating Patella?

While most pet owners do not like the word “surgery” in relation to their pets, it is sometimes necessary to preserve comfort, dignity, and quality of life for your pet. Surgery to repair luxating patella is increasingly common. When performed by a qualified surgeon, especially one who specializes in orthopedic surgery, it can change your dog’s mobility drastically.

How Does It Work?

There are two steps involved in surgery for canine luxating patella:

  • Neutralize forces that create conditions for a luxating patella.
  • Correct the problems that allow the patella to move out of position.

The specifics of luxating patella surgery will vary somewhat from one dog to the next. Your veterinary surgeon can explain the best route for your pet.

When your dog experiences luxating patella and doesn’t correct the problem nearly instantly, Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics can help. Contact us today to learn about our cat knee surgery options too.