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On Canine Surgery

Cruciate Ligament Surgery

TPLO-TTA[MMP]: for Cranial Cruciate Ligament[CCrL]  deficiency


Pathology: the CCrL tears when excessive internal rotation occurs when the knee is in slight extension.

Advantages of TPLO/TTA[MMP] over synthetic ligament techniques:

1. Less chance of infection and failure due to patient over activity during recovery

2. Rely less on surgeon technique, have higher success rates

3. Shorter recovery time [2-3 months, vs up to 6 months]


Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy

TPLO limits tibial thrust by reducing the angle of the joint itself.  Rotation of the bone[tibial plateau] makes the new joint nearly “flat” eliminating tibial thrust.  This procedure “spares” the meniscus to a large degree.[Clinical meniscal tears less than 2%.]Recovery time:  3 months


Tibial Tuberostity Advancement[TTA]

Modified Maquet Procedure[MMP]

The TTA[MMP] limits tibial thrust by dragging the femur back into its normal position through tension placed on the patellar ligament using a Titanium Orthofoam Wedge.  The broad Patellar ligament now acts as the new Cruciate Ligament to prevent instability of the joint.  Less risk exists with this procedure as the tibia is not completely cut as in the TPLO.  Clinical Meniscal tears average 7.5% following this surgery, whereas they average about 2% with tplo surgery.

Recovery time:  2 months

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