Pets sometimes sustain injuries to the hip joint that are so serious that total replacement of the hip is required. In addition, genetic factors and degeneration of the hip can occur that affect an animal’s ability to move freely and comfortably. Total hip replacement surgery is a procedure that can help these animals regain normal movement. At Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics in Holmen WI, we offer orthopedic surgery for dogs with severe hip injuries and degenerative conditions.

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What Is Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

Some types of hip disorders cause the bones that form the ball-and-socket joint of the hip become so badly damaged that the best course of action is to replace the entire joint. As in human hip replacement surgery, a total hip replacement for dogs uses special materials to mimic the natural joint structures within the hip. In this way, normal movement can be restored.

Does Your Pet Need Total Hip Replacement?

Some pet hip disorders can be resolved with less complex surgical techniques. However, when other procedures are insufficient to correct an underlying hip problem, total hip replacement is a good option. These cases may involve severe hind leg lameness, inability to exercise, reluctance to run or jump, and loss of muscle mass.

Recovery from Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total hip replacement is major surgery, and pet owners often have many questions regarding the safety of the procedure, the odds for a successful outcome, and the length of time needed for recovery. Your pet’s activity level will be limited for the first few months after surgery, and they should only be allowed to go to the bathroom outdoors to go to the bathroom while on a leash. More activity will be added as time passes. Several follow-up visits to the veterinary surgeon are necessary to monitor healing. In some cases, physical therapy may be needed to restore full mobility for the animal. Total hip replacement surgery has a high rate of success for restoring normal movement for pets.

Make Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics Your Choice for Pet Hip Surgery

Dr. Mark Hein brings his specialized training and years of experience to help pets in Holmen, WI, and surrounding communities achieve freedom from pain and normal movement. Our animal hospital treats a wide range of pet orthopedic problems, including cruciate ligament tears, elbow dysplasia, hip luxation, subluxated patella, and other conditions. Contact Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics today at (608) 526-2200 to learn about total hip replacement surgery that can restore mobility to your pet.