Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics Offers Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)

Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics provides TPLO technology almost exclusively for correction of the ruptured cruciate ligament. Of over 200 procedures for this common disease the TPLO is our most trusted for three reasons:
1 – Strength: no other procedure compares; our screws lock into the plate ensuring the strongest construct on the market
2 – Preservation of Meniscus: Other procedures actually promote meniscal tears; the TPLO has an incidence of only 2-3 % meniscal tears post-surgery as it preserves this structure
3 – Stability: the TPLO /is the only procedure that LEVELS the joint decreasing the instability associated with the tibia plateau angle

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Why Is TPLO Performed?

The cruciate ligament is an important stabilizer for movement within the canine knee joint. This ligament can become damaged by injury or natural degeneration caused by wear and tear on the structures within the knee. Some breeds are more vulnerable to this injury. Symptoms of cruciate ligament disease include lameness in the rear leg, yelping, or other signs of pain and reluctance to exercise. A veterinarian will do a physical exam, gait observation, and take x-rays to diagnose cruciate ligament problems.

The TPLO Procedure

A veterinary surgeon will order tests to understand your pet’s condition before surgery is performed. Animals will be anesthetized during the procedure, and their heart rates and breathing are carefully monitored throughout the process. An incision is made in the knee joint and the angle of the tibial plateau is changed to allow the ligament to smoothly move over the bone. The incision is then closed, and the animal is monitored to ensure proper recovery from the anesthesia. Most dogs are able to put weight on the affected leg that day of surgery or soon afterward.

Recovery from TPLO Surgery

Your dog will need a few weeks of recovery after TPLO surgery. Limiting an animal’s activity is critical to proper healing. Owners will have to prevent jumping or other rigorous activities. The veterinary surgeon will provide detailed information for administering pain medications and follow-up visits. Your vet may recommend physical therapy to facilitate healing and return to normal function.

Make Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics Your Veterinarian for TPLO Surgery

Dr. Hein uses his extensive training and experience to help his patients in Holmen, WI, and the surrounding areas achieve better joint function. We provide a number of procedures for canines, including luxating patella surgery, hip luxation surgery, and cruciate ligament surgery. Contact Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics today at (608) 526-2200 for an appointment to learn how TPLO surgery can help your pet.