Femoral Head Osteotomy for Dogs at Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics

Dogs sometimes develop hip luxation problems that require surgery to stabilize the bones, tendons, and ligaments for normal movement.  Hip problems in dogs can be repaired with a procedure called a femoral head osteotomy. At Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics in Holmen, WI, we offer a variety of orthopedic techniques to help dogs with mobility problems.

Hip Problems in Dogs

Canines may experience a number of hip problems. Hip dysplasia occurs when the hip joint develops abnormally. This condition occurs in a number of dog breeds because of genetic factors. Osteoarthritis in the hip joint often occurs with aging. However, any dog can experience pain and poor function in the joint. Trauma to the hip joint can cause problems with the hip joint and certain other conditions. These issues can cause pain from walking, poor flexibility, limping, lameness, and reluctance to exercise. We can use x-rays to examine the extent of the damage to the hip joint’s head and neck. Our vet may recommend a femoral head osteotomy or total hip replacement for these conditions.

The Femoral Head Osteotomy Procedure

In the femoral head osteotomy procedure, the animal is put under anesthesia, and an incision is made in the hip area. Then, the ball and neck of the hip are removed. The scar tissue that forms around the removed area begins to develop, creating a “false joint” that prevents the rubbing of bone on bone and the resulting pain. Physical therapy after surgery is critical to fostering proper flexibility in the false joint that forms.

Aftercare for Orthopedic Hip Surgery

After surgery, our vet surgeon will provide instructions for the home care of your pet.  Some walking is necessary to enable proper flexibility during healing, but other activities will be limited. You will be asked to monitor your dog’s wounds or change bandages as needed. We will also provide instructions for administering medications. In addition, our team can instruct you on how to massage the muscles around the hip joint to aid healing and mobility. You will also need to schedule follow-up visits to ensure your dog’s healing has progressed properly. Our veterinarian will also determine whether further treatment or therapy is needed for a full recovery.

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