If your dog has torn her cruciate ligament, you probably have several questions about the injury as well as the recommended treatment. At Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics, serving Holmen, WI, we love to take the time to educate our patients on these topics. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about the cruciate ligament and how we can help.

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What Is The Cruciate Ligament?

The cruciate ligament is a band of tissue which connects the bones to the knee. This ligament helps to prevent unregulated movement between these bones. This ligament often gets torn in dogs. The ruptured ligament can be a painful condition which requires surgery to fix.

Why Did My Dog’s Cruciate Ligament Rupture?

There are a few different ways this ligament can rupture. The most common way this happens is similar to the way in which an athlete tears the ACL tendon. When extreme force is applied to the leg, it can cause the cruciate ligament to rupture. Another reason for a ruptured cruciate ligament is simple wear and tear. This can happen with age or with a very active dog or overweight dog.

Regardless of how the rupture happens, it can leave your dog in a great deal of pain and will require treatment.

Is Orthopedic Surgery for Dogs Safe?

At our state-of-the-art facility, we provide safe orthopedic surgery for dogs to treat torn cruciate ligaments. Our highly trained staff specializes in animal surgery and knows how to keep your pet both comfortable and safe during the procedure.

In addition to our expertise during surgery, you can also rely on us to provide after-surgery care to make sure your pet recovers properly. Recovery is a crucial part of the surgical process. We will oversee your dog’s immediate recovery as well as provide education and support to you as the pet owner when it is time to take your pet home and continue the recovery process there.

What Type of Procedure Will My Dog Have?

There are few different ways the cruciate ligament can be fixed. Your vet will want to discuss the treatment options with you. There are many factors which will be considered including your dog’s age, activity level, and any other existing health conditions.

It is very important that you share your dog’s health and medical history with our vet prior to surgery. Your vet will need to take all of this information into consideration in order to make the best choices concerning your pet’s treatment.

If you would like to learn more about our services, contact our staff at Wisconsin Veterinary Orthopedics, serving Holmen, WI. Our number is (608) 526-2200.