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On Canine Surgery

LUXATING PATELLA or “Floating Kneecap”

We employ several methods to correct luxation of the patella: x-rays and an exam determine what procedure[s] will be employed. Many patients with luxating patella have an angular limb deformity; our goal is to neutralize the forces on the patella to prevent luxation. We will generally employ one or both of the procedures listed below.

Tibial Tuberosity Transposition[TTT]

How Far to Transpose

A small piece of bone is removed where the patella attaches to the tibia. This segment is moved or transposed toward the luxation and re-attached to the tibia with either screws or wires as pictured above. Following surgery the tension for the patella to slide out of the patellar groove has been removed as it now travels straight when the knee bends.

“RidgeStop – Prosthetic Trochlear Ridge

prostethic trochlear ridge


The aim of this procedure is to make sure the patella slides in its groove without slipping to the side, causing lameness. The surgery works by applying the prostetic implant called the “Ridgestop” to the side of the Femur on the side where the patella was luxating thereby creating a barrier to luxation. This procedure can be used for severe cases of luxation where historically the joint surface had to be cut to accomplish the same result.

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